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USA Softball of New York City is an affiliation of the USA Softball ), the national governing body of softball. We are one of over 76 metro/state associations in the United States. Southern New York covers all five boroughs of New York, Long Island, Westchester County and Rockland County.

The Amateur Softball Association (ASA), a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, OK, was founded in 1933 when the sport was in a state of confusion with no unified set of playing rules and no national governing body to provide guidance and stability. The ASA changed all that by adopting softball’s first universally accepted rules of play and by organizing consistent and fair competition across the nation and has now evolved into the strongest softball organization in the country. The growth and development of the association led the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to name the ASA the National Governing Body of Softball, pursuant to the Amateur Sports Act of 1978.

As the governing body of softball, ASA has many responsibilities including: regulating competition to insure fairness and equal opportunity to the millions of players who annually participate in softball, ASA Sanction competition in every state through a network of 76 local associations, and host more then 90 National Championships yearly.  The ASA has grown from a few hundred teams in the early days to over 250,000 teams today, representing a membership of more than four million. Every type of SOFTBALL falls under the ASA umbrella. ASA is not concerned with running other sports, our knowledge and care is with Softball, the players, teams and umpires.

The adult programs offer numerous opportunities to participate from recreation leagues to National Tournaments,

The Junior Olympic program gives youth the opportunity to participate from t-ball through 18 years of age. Over 80% of all NCAA Division I College softball players come from the ASA summer programs. There is the ACE training program for coaches, as well as coaching schools and clinic for players.

Glen Payne, Commissioner

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