Youth Registration

As the National Governing Body for the sport of Softball, USA Softball is committed to the goal of providing the highest level of service for all participants in the Junior Olympic (Youth) program. In order to boost loyalty, increase brand awareness and ensure all players receive adequate and economical insurance benefits, USA Softball chooses to participate in an Individual Registration Program instead of a team registration program.

Benefits of the Individual Registration Program:
•Individual is registered with Local Association for the entire Calendar Year
•Individual is registered with National Association for the entire Calendar Year
•Each individual receives a USA Softball ID Card
•Each adult is background checked
•Accident and Liability Insurance are automatically provided
•Insurance coverage follows the individual throughout the calendar year for all USA Softball Activities, even if they change to another USA Softball team.
•Individually registered teams are covered while playing in any other organization’s events.
•Coverage extends to the team as an insured entity if all team members are individually registered.

Essentially, each individual participant will be registered. Teams must ensure that ALL players and coaches participating with their team be registered for the current year.

How to Get Registered:  The Official Registration Program of USA Softball is RegisterUSASoftball.

Each team or league must have one Administrator that is responsible for entering all team information and submitting to USA Softball. An administrator can be in charge of multiple teams if desired.

To get started, please click on the Step-By-Step Guide that best suites your needs:

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